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So you have finally started the arduous task of shopping for a diamond engagement ring? One of the factors that will most likely have a heavy impact on the size and quality of the stone that you select is going to be price. For most of us, unless you happen to be King Midas, you probably have a budget that you need to stick too. 

When working with your budget, there is a simple truth about diamond pricing that can save you a bundle, and get you a great stone that will fit your budget comfortably.

Diamonds are priced based on weight, color, and clarity. Diamond weights are broken down into groups, and all the stones in the weight...

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I wanted to take a moment and address some of the things that I have learned over the years as I have helped customers with this extremely important purchase. I have seen many customers fall into traps and pitfalls along the way that have led them in the wrong direction, or have made the process of purchasing a diamond a difficult and stressful one. Below you will find some pointers that I have gleaned from my experience to help avoid having this happen to you.

Be careful with your research

I have had many customers come to me with loads of misinformation that they have read from one source or another. There are lots of opinions out...

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Diamond Cut…The Basics: Step 1 – Understanding diamond “certs”

You have done it…you have made the decision to step out, take the leap, and buy a diamond. Diamonds, unlike most things that we buy in our lifetime, are items that most of us don’t think about on a regular basis. Unlike stereos, cars, televisions, computers, games, and other mass produced, branded items that we purchase, diamonds are individually unique, fundamentally altered but not manufactured, and subjectively reviewed products.

For example, if you want to purchase a car, you can research the car, read user feedback, professional evaluations, test drive...

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What you need to know before buying a diamond

In the following pages you will learn about Diamonds, and the things you need to know if you are going to purchasing a diamond in the near future.

This short tutorial will tackle each of the "4 C's", give you a solid understanding of each, show you how they relate to the diamond's actual physical beauty, and show how each of these characteristics affect the price and availability of diamonds.

Why do people buy diamonds?

When shopping for the perfect diamond, the stress of the experience can very often overwhelm the initial motivation and purpose for purchasing the diamond. Diamonds are the...

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Diamond Cut…The Basics: Step 1 – Understanding diamond “certs”

Chapter 2

If you are going to purchase a diamond, and know what you are getting when you purchase it, you need to be able to understand the information that is presented on a “lab grading report”, and how the information was obtained. Having this knowledge will further assist you to know if any follow up/independent data, presented to you by the jeweler, in conjunction with a “lab grading report”, is valid and accurate.

Here are several examples of “lab grading reports”. To gain a better understanding of how information is broken down on a lab report, we will...

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Ring Anatomy 101
Have you ever wondered what all the parts of a ring are called? If you are shopping for an engagement ring, you have probably heard lots of terms and no one has taken the time to explain them.
In this short post, we will go over all the different parts of the ring, and that will help you to have confidence in speaking to jewelers and understanding the different terms they use when they are talking about a ring.
The Shank
As you can see in the image below, the shank is the part of the ring that goes around the finger. There are all kinds of shanks, and we will talk more about this in our post about shank types.

The Head or...

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Diamond Cut: The Basics – Understanding Technology
Chapter 3
In order to understand the different measurements, tests, and evaluations that diamonds are put through, and what the results of these test mean to the diamonds visual performance, it is necessary to first have a solid grasp on the technologies and techniques used to gather this data.
There are many different tools that are used by gemologists and diamond graders to determine facts about a diamond’s properties. This section is going focus mostly on the more complex and less understood tools, and is also going to focus mostly on tools used to determine cut and light...
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