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Let’s face it, lab grown diamonds are here to stay. With each passing year, they have grown in popularity more and more. As the results of diamond growing have improved, and people’s approach toward purchasing engagement rings and jewelry have changed, the concept of setting a lab grown diamond into an engagement ring is no longer frowned upon, in fact, there is an argument for why this might indeed be a virtuous decision. 

The truth is that many of us face the ever increasing cost of life on a daily basis. What was a great paycheck 15 years ago, is now just making it today. If you are a first time home buyer today, or working off some...

Why “custom made” is the way to go for an Engagement Ring


When it comes to jewelry or engagement rings, the word “custom” is translated as “money, money, money, and more money”. As a result of this, the vast majority of shoppers have stayed away from the “custom made” genre of jewelry, convinced that it is out of the budget and not worth the work, time, or money to attempt the journey.


Much of the cost associated with “custom jewelry” over the years was a result of the extensive physical labor involved. Concept drawings had to be sketched individually by an artist. Wax models had to be carved by hand, each...

If a pictures is worth 1,000 words, then this video is worth a 1 million words. One of these stones is a brand new Amora Gem and one is a beautifully GIA Excellent Cut Genuine Diamond. Can you tell which one is which? 
Everything you always wanted to know about Solasfera Diamonds in a comprehensive video presentation!

So you have finally started the arduous task of shopping for a diamond engagement ring? One of the factors that will most likely have a heavy impact on the size and quality of the stone that you select is going to be price. For most of us, unless you happen to be King Midas, you probably have a budget that you need to stick too. 

When working with your budget, there is a simple truth about diamond pricing that can save you a bundle, and get you a great stone that will fit your budget comfortably.

Diamonds are priced based on weight, color, and clarity. Diamond weights are broken down into groups, and all the stones in the weight...

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I wanted to take a moment and address some of the things that I have learned over the years as I have helped customers with this extremely important purchase. I have seen many customers fall into traps and pitfalls along the way that have led them in the wrong direction, or have made the process of purchasing a diamond a difficult and stressful one. Below you will find some pointers that I have gleaned from my experience to help avoid having this happen to you.

Be careful with your research

I have had many customers come to me with loads of misinformation that they have read from one source or another. There are lots of opinions out...

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