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A beautiful trend that has emerged in recent years is the resurgence of rose gold in jewelry designs. One of the areas that has seen many of the new designs is the rose gold wedding band. Of course, there are the simple, plain rose gold wedding bands, however, with the manufacturing of new metals in the wedding band market, rose gold has become an extremely popular accent metal to incorporate.

These new designs will use rose gold inlays, sleeves, and coatings. Today a rose gold wedding band can take on so many forms. Just have a look at some of the incredible bands we carry from our top wedding band designer Lashbrook Designs. You will...

Did you know that the custom of wearing wedding bands can be traced back nearly 6,000 years!?! A wedding band is a sign of commitment. If you have ever been to a wedding, you have probably heard the officiant give some description of why married couples wear wedding bands, but we thought it couldn’t hurt to mention it here again.

A wedding band is so much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a promise that is worn in a visible place to let the entire world know that you are committed to someone else.

Wedding rings are the physical manifestation of a promise between two people who commit their lives together in marriage.

The wedding...

Why do we love this ring?

This ring features the modern look of a round stone set into a cushion halo. The reason that this is such a plus is because round stones tend to have more brilliance than cushion cut stones. By going with a setting like this, you can have the best of both worlds...the look of a cushion stone with the brilliance of a round stone.

Things you should know about this ring!

This ring is set with beautiful pave work that features diamonds covering most of the shank and going around the center stone. The "french set pave" style ensures the minimal amount of metal on each stone giving the ring the illusion of being a...

"I worked with Emma Parker to design an engagement ring and select the diamond and could not be happier with the result. The ring turned out beautiful and incredibly sparkly and my (now) fiancé was thrilled! She can't stop talking about how much she loves the ring. Tim was also fantastic in guiding me through the whole process and helping me to design the ring and select the diamond. I could not be happier with the result."

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"Wow, wow wow, that’s all I can say. Tim made my dream Solesfera diamond ring, it’s sparkle , fire and brilliance is like no other. Went to Devon’s even their best diamond did not shine like my ring. Tim was so helpful and available, I think he sleeps with his phone . Had to send an emergency email around 12-1 am to clarify something, wasn’t expecting to hear from him until the next morning, guess what ..... Tim replied within seconds. I was shocked and felt bad at the same time. Tim sells what he believes in, showed my ring to my personal jeweler he had no words. Everyone is blinded by the shine of the diamond. From now onwards...

"Working with Tim @ Emma Parker & Co. has been a wonderful experience, not once but multiple times. His knowledge of the jewelry business is amazing - his willingness to patiently work with us on ensuring the design was exactly right is greatly appreciated. The end results have always been more than we expected, crafting the perfect piece that captures all that we wanted and hoped for. The entire experience from design to creation was truly a blessing - thank you Tim and team!"

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Why do we love this ring?

This ring has flawless design! It is created by the master craftsmen at Sareen Jewelry and we are very excited to have this incredible ring as part of our engagement ring collection here at Emma Parker & Co. 

The bezel is flawless, which is one of the most difficult setting styles in all of jewelry, however for these artisans, flawless finish and setting is just part of their every day. 

Things you should know about this ring!

The ring is very thin. It has a beautiful taper with the band growing more narrow as it reaches the basket where the diamond sits. This taper enhances the visual size of the center stone. 


We’ve all heard the marketing slogans...two month’s salary, three month’s salary, and so on, but how much should you spend on the engagement ring that you want to buy for your significant other? 

Considering the importance of the occasion and the depth of the proposal question, is it really something that one can just assign a number too...i.e. this is the number I assign to the value of this moment in our relationship?

Doesn’t reducing the value of what one should spend on an engagement ring to a percentage of one’s income fall well short of a good, well thought out answer to this question?

At Emma Parker and Co. we don’t look...

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