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Thank you for your interest in visiting our showroom. We are proud to feature a unique jewelry showroom that is available “by appointment only”. The purpose behind this is so that we can focus our entire attention on serving you, without the distractions created by a public showroom.

 - PLEASE NOTE: We accept visitors to our showroom by appointment only. - 

What you will find in Emma Parker & Co.’s Showroom:

  • A private, quiet, and comfortable setting
  • A friendly and personal attitude
  • Undivided attention to you alone
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • The highest level of service
  • We work on your timeframe; appointments are never rushed

What you will not find in Emma Parker & Co.’s Showroom:

  • Pushy salespeople
  • Commissioned salespeople (no one here is paid on commission!)
  • A noisy showroom filled with people (we schedule only one appointment at a time)
  • A regular inventory of all the jewelry and diamonds available for purchase on our website
  • At Emma Parker & Co., our web site features many thousands of beautiful jewelry pieces. Because so much of our jewelry is customized individually for every client's unique choice of material and diamond features, we work closely with artisans and designers who are skilled at these customizations, rather than trying to maintain a complete inventory in our showroom.

When you plan an appointment with us, we will request that you let us know which pieces you are interested in, and in most cases, we will have them brought in for display by the time of your appointment.

For a truly unique and personalized jewelry buying experience, we invite you to contact us online or by phone at (877) 446-4030 to make an appointment at our showroom! We are located in Lynnwood, Washington.